Chapter One: The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a girl (and still is, in fact, for she’s sitting at the computer this very minute) and she decided she wanted to be a writer.

Actually, the first thing she wanted to be was a veterinarian. She brought a plush dog named Rusty to her kindergarten graduation, and was dressed up in a white coat with a stethoscope.

The vet dream didn’t last very long. Especially after learning that it wasn’t just playing with animals all day.

This girl loved telling stories about her family and her stuffed animals. She even wrote a couple of series; one about a guppy that she illustrated herself, and the other about a haunted dance studio. Her little stories made her happy, especially when her teachers and parents complimented their creativity.

This girl loved to read, very much. The library was her favorite place at school. Her mom and dad also read to her before bed (her favorite being One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss read by her father).

And then Harry Potter entered her life.

J.K. Rowling became an inspiration. She wanted to be just like the author of one of the greatest series to ever be published.

So she attempted to write fantasy.

And she attempted to write other novel-length stories.

They weren’t very good. In all honesty. But they were a beginning. Beginnings don’t always have to be great. They just have to start. Without a start, there is no journey.

And the girl begins again every day, when she sits down with ideas and tries to put them on paper.

I love writing. I hate writing. It’s wonderful and horrible. It’s frustrating and painful, and very discouraging, but it’s also satisfying and exciting and a talent I am so fortunate to possess.

Now to do something with that talent!

This will be my official website. I’ve tried blogging in the past (many times in the past), but here I will post about my journeys with writing, what my projects are, and anything to do with the career I want to have.

So to all who read: Hi! Nice of you to meet me.


Stitch Hi


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