Writer to Writer

Write for you.

If there is someone else you want to write for, be it a specific family member or friend, that’s great! But if your goal is to write a novel for millions to read and adore, that might put a lot more pressure on you than it should.

So write for you.

There are thousands of people that have similar ideas, who can all say it differently (whether or not they do it better is relative), and who probably have goals like yours. So instead of freaking out because you feel like every good idea has been taken, that a different author would be more successful with your plot or characters, and that you shouldn’t have bothered because there’s nothing actually special about you or your abilities, try…try to write only for you.

Why? Because yeah, another writer could go about it differently. Another writer might have more publishing success. Another writer might be more well-known than you.

Or not.

But that writer isn’t going to do for you what you can do for you. If you write for you, there’s still something you get out of it.

If it’s a publishing deal, great! If it’s world-renown, wow!

If it’s a manuscript you just barely had enough ink for, and your little printer has seen better days… Well, that’s amazing, too. Because you made something. You, from start to finish, stuck with something and now there’s whole worlds and lives printed on paper.

And it came from your brain. That matters.

Have your goals! 100% go for them! Give them everything you got.

But if you can alleviate some of the pressure, write for you. Write to benefit yourself. Write what you want to read. Write what you want to think about in your mind.

Then get out the scalpel and sewing kits. Cut and stitch! And maybe cram some new stuff in. Even if it comes out looking like Frankenstein’s Monster… Some people really love their monsters.

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