Mini Trip

I took a mini trip with my mom to St. George, Utah. We only stayed overnight, but in that short time I had a lot of fun, from shopping to sitting at local restaurants.

It did make me hungry for a longer vacation, though. I’m visualizing a beach somewhere, where I can stretch on a blanket and read a book. Or better yet, a cabin where I can relax on the porch or my bed and get creative with words.

Vacations where you run around sightseeing and shopping are great, but I’d like a trip where not much is going on, where I can take a couple books to finish reading and my computer (or notebook) to work on some projects.

Life passes by so quickly. I can’t believe August is almost over! I just want to make sure I stop every now and then, relax, and really appreciate the simple things.

Also, my book goal this year isĀ suffering. I’ve only read 40 out of 100. Ouch.

And hey, if anyone finds themselves in St. George, find Bear Paw Cafe on Main Street. They have delicious French toast. And strawberry-banana crepes. Oh, how I wish we had one in northern Utah.

giphy (1)

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