Las Vegas Shooting

I woke up this morning without a clue that the worst mass shooting the U.S. has ever seen had happened in Las Vegas last night. When I sat upstairs with my mom right before I had to leave for work, she was scrolling through Facebook and asked, “What happened in Las Vegas?” I immediately searched and found that several had been killed during this evil and violent attack on innocent lives, and even more have been injured.

My heart and prayers are with the victims and their families. I know to some that doesn’t seem like enough. To me, my prayers mean something and I believe in their power.

But I also believe in action.

Times like these, it’s important to act. To look at how we can help. With the tragedies of hurricanes and earthquakes still fresh in our minds, this violence is just another horrible blow to our people.

It pains me that someone can be so hateful, so horrible. And to target individuals at what should have been a carefree and fun event… I have no words.

The fact that there are people out there capable of such actions–regardless of whether or not they have the means to carry out their desires–is sickening and incomprehensible to me. But in the world that contains such ugliness, we can be beautiful.

To quote one of my favorite podcasts (Welcome to Night Vale), “You are beautiful when you do beautiful things.”

I think this is the theme of my life, the one I want to emphasize. We cannot control those around us, but we can certainly control ourselves. So when it’s dark, we can be light. When it’s stormy, we can offer safe shelter. When there’s evil, we can be good. When harmful hands find our family and friends and fellow human beings, our healing hands have jobs to do.

Be safe. Please. And if it’s something you believe in, pray. But don’t forget to act, when you have the opportunity to do so.

I will try to do the same.


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