NaNoWriMo is Coming

The title of today’s post sounds a little stressful. Or perhaps it only does for me.

My worry stems from the fact that I haven’t successfully written anything in…….ha ha ha. I can’t remember.

And I’m not saying I haven’t written period. I’ve written blog posts. I’ve dabbled in the occasional fan-fiction scene. But as for productive writing that will benefit me in my desired career, that’s been a no-go for too long.

I’ve loved doing NaNoWriMo with my friends, and I really am hopeful to win this upcoming month. At first, I didn’t have an idea for a novel. I wanted to try something new instead of working on old projects that desperately need finished. However! I went on vacation with my friends to West Yellowstone (wonderful, minus the part where a deer jumped out and hit our car), and during that trip I was listening to music, and a song inspired me with a very bare bones idea. I just need to flesh it out.

So if anyone’s doing NaNoWriMo, good luck! To my friends: We got this!

This will be a great NaNo.

I hope.


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