I am a goddess

I am a goddess, caged in bone, wrapped in skin.

But the mortal in me is known to often sin.

If it weren’t for a Father in Heaven with a plan that required a sacrifice of a perfect being–part God and part Man, it’s an unfortunate fact that I would be damned.

I was saved by the love of a Father and a Brother, so it would stand to reason that we would be required to love one another.

I didn’t die for anyone, I didn’t pay for their mistakes. I can’t be the one to judge them for the decisions they make. I’m busy on my knees, apologizing again for what I have done and how wrong I have been.

My message is this: God lives and forgives, and He loves everyone, not a one He omits.

If that is the heart of all perfect beings, I will adopt the same. Or at least I can try and if I fail, try again in Christ’s good name.

Be kind and remember that we’re in the same fight, and not all soldiers are the same, but they can all carry light.  It was God’s plan to create it, it is their responsibility to release it, and my duty to see it.

Even within myself.

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