Happy 2018

Happy New Year! (Okay, so it’s the 4th of the month. I meant to write this on the first, but here we are. Procrastination is one of the hallmarks of my personality.)

I see posts every year about resolutions. People make them, they break them, or they swear they’ll never reserve goal-making for the beginning of the year. While I agree on that, the start of the new year does provide a convenient time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

The important thing about goals or resolutions (whatever you want to call them) is reminding yourself that if you fail one day, you can succeed the next.

While I haven’t wrote a list out yet of things I want to accomplish this year, I know I want to attempt posting a poem or a small bit of prose on my Instagram every day. If I mess up and don’t do it, my whole goal isn’t ruined. I’m not going to say, “I missed a day, so the entire goal is shot! I give up.” Nah, I’ll just try to be better about posting. I don’t want to miss out on several more days of possibility in 2018 because I didn’t meet my goal a few times out of the year.

Even if I end up only posting thirty times, that’s thirty more posts than I would have had without the goal in mind.

Make 2018 what you want to make it. You don’t have to put so much stress on yourself to achieve goals. Just try. Ask yourself what you want to do and try.

This is something I want to do this year. Try. Quit being scared and do something. I’ve just accepted a job offer that I’m excited for, and I hope that it works out for my betterment–that I can rise to the challenge and prove myself an excellent worker for my new place of employment in two weeks.

Have an amazing 2018. Kick some booty. And love yourself.

And maybe toss in a bit of fun while you’re at it.


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