Write Now Right Now

I have recently been blessed with something rather wonderful: ideas. They entertain my thoughts, encourage me to open up a writing document and get to work, and when I play around with them in my head, my stomach tightens up with excitement probably comparable to a treasure hunter discovering a secret map to a long-hidden tomb filled with gold and history.

But the idea fountain can’t push Pause on the world. It can’t slow down or create extra time for me, just as it can’t for anyone else. And if other writers can make it work with their busy schedules, I can, too. It’s possible!

It’s just work–which sometimes I don’t want to do. Not after being gone from 8 to almost 6. Not after being stressed out and trying to learn the new job.

I saw this quote by Ryan Blair. “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

That slugs me right in the gut. Writing is a relationship where I need to treat it like it’s important–because it is! If it can tell I don’t care much about it anymore, I’m probably going to lose the desire and the talent. I can’t begin to tell you how much I don’t want that to happen.

I need to start carrying a notebook again. I used to all the time, and then I took one out of my purse one day to make room for other things and I never put it back again. I need to realize that writing every day doesn’t need to include thousands of words or a full chapter. It just needs to be enough to propel the story forward, to bring me closer to another full novel that I can publish. It needs to be practice enough that I’m improving.

Prioritizing my time sounds easy on paper, but it’s more difficult in reality. I can say that instead of watching TV, I need to work on my book for half an hour. I have an office now that I should use more often. Instead of playing on my phone, I need to use what downtime I have to fall back in love with the talent that I possess. I don’t have the time each day to waste.

Once I start getting back into the flow of writing all the time, it’ll come easier. Distracting myself with other things might not be as frequent of an occurrence. And I’ll be a master at scheduling day, at disciplining myself so that I know when it’s time to write.

My writing, in turn, will realize I’m willing to treat it with all the respect it deserves and hopefully treat me well in our relationship.

I need to write now. Right now.

And if you’re a writer, so do you.

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