Saturday Afternoon

Happy Saturday! It’s easily my favorite day of the week–especially now that I have a job where I work Monday through Friday.

This morning I managed to drag my lazy butt to the gym just up the street and was feeling pretty good about the productivity in that. But as soon as I got home, I lounged around. The only other thing I’ve done thus far is eat lunch (and download some songs).

I have a couple more zines I need to make before I copy them for the zine fest coming up in April. Then there’s the matter of books I need to write, books I need to read, and books I need to edit for friends. This writing thing should really be a full time job. Maybe it can be one day.

For now, I’m trying to succeed in being a weekend writer. If I can work a lot on the weekends, I’d see more progress than not doing anything at all. And once I get the flow back, maybe working a short amount of time throughout the week would get easier.


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