I’m Alive!

Wow. May came and went, and it was amazing and crazy at the same time.

Work has kept me busy. I figured it out the other day that I leave for work about 7:30 and don’t get home until almost 6. While I enjoy the people there, and I feel happy for the most part, that’s still a long time to be away from the house Monday through Friday.

I’m desperately attempting to catch up on my reading goal for the year. I am aiming to read 100 books, and I fell quite behind. If my math is right, I’ll need to hit a total of 50 books this month, and at the moment I’m at 36 now. What’s helping me is manga and some audio CDs of talks that count as books on Goodreads.

I had a neat experience last Saturday, May 26th. I received my endowment at the Ogden Temple. My wonderful family and friends supported me and made the day extra special. My heart warmed with the love from both earthly and spiritual family.

I’ve also recently¬† been given a calling in church. It’s important to serve, and while I know that this is a good thing and will be for my experience and benefit, the weak side of me is disappointed in knowing that I’ll be spending even more time away from my home and the projects I know I’m behind on. Writing hasn’t happened in too long, editing for my friends hasn’t happened either. But I will make the time for all my responsibilities and desires! I just have to be creative.

And what writer isn’t good at creativity?

I’m happy. But I’m busy. And there are pros and cons about that fact.

But I’m alive! I haven’t posted in a long time, but here I am, running around and trying to absorb everything life throws at me.

It’s time to sit down and make a schedule.

I love all of you, friends and readers. Have a fantastic weekend!

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