In Which I Stare at my Computer Screen

I’ve had this Dell computer since 2011. I bought it with my graduation money (felt really proud then, too, how I was able to get myself such an awesome gift). Now it’s starting to slow down, as computers usually do, and waiting for screens to load about does me in.

But I’ll take it! It’s better than writing by hand. When I was in school and taking notes all the time, my wrist was used to covering page after page in pencil or pen. Now that I haven’t been in school for several years, filling out a single page is enough to make my hand want to fall off.

I want to get back into writing in notebooks though. I remember once upon a time I could fill a whole notebook cover to cover. Now I buy notebooks only to have them sit empty in my room.

I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo come November. That’ll be a challenge with how busy my schedule is. I might have to wake up earlier to write before work.


Anything worth doing is worth sacrificing for, though, am I right? So what’s an hour or so less of sleep?

Okay, this is really going to be hard.

But on the bright side, my busy schedule isn’t a bad thing. I’m spending time with people I really care about when I’m not at work. I just need a better schedule when it comes to writing.

I’m looking forward to what I’m planning on doing with a few of my writing buddies that have websites of their own starting in November. A blog post a day! I’m positive that once I get back into the habit of writing something every day that I’ll find my groove again.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what book I want to write. I’ll also be journaling (where all my Top Secret thoughts are stored that will likely never see the light of day). I’ve got a busy night ahead of me.

Oh, and I had a birthday on the 19th! This girl’s the ripe ol’ age of 26. 25 was an awesome year for me, but something tells me that 26 is going to be even better. I’m excited to see what life’s got in store for me.

Have a happy Halloween!

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