Good Morning

My body has been rebelling against the 6:00 wake-up time to the point that I have yet to set an alarm for 6:00 and have continued to rise at 6:30. Today was no different.

But since I’m going to a movie with friends later this evening, I didn’t think I’d have time to get home and post here, so while eating my Froot Loops, I’m here writing at my kitchen table.

What to say? That’s always the question when I start up my old laptop and wait (impatiently) for it to warm up enough that page doesn’t freeze. That’s what a lot of writers ask themselves during their work in progress, though not always in that wording specifically.

Everyone has a message, a purpose behind their story, even if it’s hidden behind a lot of humor, or violence, or magic, etc..

Write what matters to you. What does your life heavily involve? What would you like to be known for supporting? What do you wish you could see represented more in book stores?

What do you want to say to anyone and everyone who reads the back of your book and then cracks it open to start the first page?

I see a lot of comments on trailers for movies or reviews for books where the person wishes for more books/TV shows/movies with <insert that thing here>. Some get downright angry that the universe hasn’t given them this thing.

Well what’s keeping them for being the creator of that thing?

Or you, if you’re inspired to do so?

Because something can’t exist if it’s never been made, and we writers kind of have a gift for making things.

So be the one who decides they want to say something brave, or unpopular, or popular but done differently, or anything in the world really. Because no one is going to say it in the exact same way as you, and if it’s something you think about or want or value, you’re not going to be the only one.

If you say it, someone somewhere is going to listen.

Have an awesome Tuesday!


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