Update Day 20

I have struggled all month long with my word count. Day after day I saw the bar in my graph not quite hit the goal line. But yesterday I finally met it! I wrote over 4,000 words to get there and it felt awesome.

Even better than catching up on the word count yesterday, I’ve managed to write every day so far. Twenty days in and I haven’t missed a day, even on my busiest days. Not to toot my own horn (okay, I’m totally tooting–and maybe I should have used a difference phrase here), but I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m hoping that I’ve established a sort of habit that I can keep up, writing something–no matter what it is–every day.

We have ten more days of NaNoWriMo. I know I’m not going to finish Erase, but I’m hoping that having worked on it for so many days in a row that I’ll feel inspired to completing it in December. Come December, I won’t be on my computer as much as I am now. November I’ve sacrificed doing other things so I could tried to write more often–I haven’t read, I haven’t watched TV, but I will admit I still haven’t devoted every free moment to writing. But I’ve spent a lot of evenings in the kitchen rather than in the living room with my family.

I will try to make time to write today. I could have spent more time here this morning but I actually did my hair for work. My coworkers are getting used to seeing my hair pulled back with strands of it escaping the hair tie. I’ll bring my computer to lunch and work during my break then, but after work I’m planning on going to Menchies with some friends for some frozen yogurt. I don’t want to fall short on today’s word count because the next few days are going to be busy, too, so if I just keep staying on track, I won’t be struggling to catch up over the weekend.

Side note: My cat Moses was being ignored while I eat Froot Loops and write, so he’s just knocked something off the table. I have to feel bad for the pets of writers. But he’s such a turd.

Another side note: One of my best friends is launching her own business. It’s an editing service called Rae Writes. Check out her post about it here. She’s an amazing person and one of my editors whenever I finally let a pair of eyes that aren’t my own look over my work.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone. We’re so close to Thanksgiving, I can almost taste it!

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