Maybe there are people who like to listen to absolutely nothing when they’re working.  Silence could do them good. Others have to have a soundtrack.

I’m a bit of both. If I’m having a hard time concentrating, sometimes the headphones have to come off. Other times wearing my headphones helps block everything else out and gets me in the zone. I certainly don’t expect my home to be quiet when I’m at the computer, with TV off and my family sitting and not talking, so playing music can keep me on track.

With some of my books, I’ve made playlists that fit with the characters and overall storyline. Actually there have even been times that finding a random song and paying attention to the lyrics has given me a book idea or an idea for a chapter. Music can be inspirational in that way.

But there are times where my music on iTunes is more of a distraction than anything else. The best thing to do, then, would be to find music that only plays with instrumentals. I don’t want to sing along when there’s no voice to sing along with. I can find writing playlists on Spotify with a simple search. A lot of people on there will make up playlists with scores from movies.

My favorite soundtrack is probably from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Beautiful music. And when I’m stuck on a scene, I can just sit back and listen to the songs for a minute, mind floating around until I find a way around the sticky mess in the draft.

Music is one of the essential tools in my writing kit. Even now I’m listening to Lindsey Stirling. I’m a bit more energetic than I was when I first sat down. I didn’t get the best of sleep last night, and the music helped start up my brain. Hopefully enough so that the words make sense if I go back to read them later.

Everyone will use music differently. Some will play classical, some theatrically musical, some aggressive, some light, some lyrical, some purely instrumental, some loud or some soft, and some not at all. You’ll even find those who have the entire movie soundtrack listed from Chapter One to closing credits. While I wish I was that devoted, I’m more the type that accidentally runs across a song that works and has to hurry to add it to the playlist before I forget.

On a side note, it’s the 26th. Where is November going? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for December, but seriously wasn’t it just October a second ago? And now November’s almost over. The last day for NaNo is on Friday, and right now I’m pretty behind again. *shriek*

But while I want to hit 50,000 words, the main goal was to write every day, and that much I’ve done. So I’ll keep working at catching up, but if that doesn’t end up happening despite my best efforts, it’s not the end of the world. At least I gave it a sincere go.

Welcome back, Monday. Let it be a happy day and a start to a great week. And may I catch up on my word goal today!

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