Update: Day Twenty-Eight

I was behind for several days, always writing but never getting quite enough words. Sometimes a post to my blog was as much writing as I got done, but it still meets the goal I had set for myself. Last night I managed to hit 45,000 words, officially on par with what the word count needed to be yesterday. Today I need 46,667 if I want to be on track.

This has been a strange NaNoWriMo in the way that while I’ve needed to catch up several times out of the month, I haven’t struggled and felt miserable about it. I sat down, I worked, and sometimes the work got me to where I needed to be on the graph. Sometimes I got close and knew I would catch up in a day or two.

What’s even more strange was last night when I typed out a paragraph, I thought, This will definitely need to be rewritten later. AND THEN I KEPT GOING WITH THE REST OF THE CHAPTER. It was just a thought to myself that a revision would be happening, and instead of freezing there and lamenting about my poor skills as a writer, I just shrugged it off and kept typing away. Is it weird that leaving behind a bad paragraph felt so good? But it seriously was like entering another level of: I know, but I don’t care. Ain’t nobody got time to edit and write at the same time.

I’m hoping that attitude continues. I really need it for my novel Sidekick. 

I could have chosen Sidekick for this NaNoWriMo project, but I decided against it for multiple reasons. One, I wanted something to work on that I didn’t have to think so hard about. Erase is still in its first draft whereas Sidekick has had multiple drafts before it. Two, I need a break from Sidekick since the storyline has been tormenting me for a while. I keep finding plot holes, and questions that need answers that I’m struggling to pin down. Part of what’s happening with the reconstruction of Sidekick is that I’m adding side plots and a few more characters to help with the world building and overall plot of the story. I felt like the book needed more depth, and while I like my ideas, it’s also created a few headaches as I try to insert the new stuff into the old.

I’ve been doing the Sidekick rewrite for a while. And by doing, I mean I’ve been telling people that’s what I’m working on while leaving it in the dark of my computer, too scared to touch it.

As things stand, my plan is as follows:

  1. Finish writing the first draft of Erase 
  2. Read through Erase and fix any glaring errors
  3. Send Erase to a select few readers (my mom being the first) just to make sure the story is something worth the time and work of editing
  4. While my readers have Erase, it is time to put my heart into Sidekick

This will keep me plenty busy within the next couple months. Most would recommend having a time table to work by, that I finish A by this date and B by this date, but that’s never been me. I finish when I finish, and as long as I devote myself to that goal, I know it’ll happen as soon as it possibly can.

I may be singing a different tune if nothing happens through December.

I have a few more days of NaNo, and then it’s over! I want to say my number one goal is to actually hit 50,000 by tonight. I almost wrote 5,000 words yesterday, and if I can do that between the other things I had going on yesterday, I can definitely succeed today.

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