Hello, 50K

Yesterday I had the goal of hitting 50,000 words, and I hit it. It didn’t just feel good because I’d be mostly behind for all of November and I managed to reach the 50K a couple days early (and believe me, that in itself felt pretty good). I had actually achieved something I said I would do! Amazing!

I haven’t validated my novel yet. I’ll probably wait until Friday for the official win, but I can now relax a little rather than trying to speed write during every free moment I possessed. I can maybe try and finish Dracula finally. It’s taken me far too long to read it, and I’m several books behind on my year goal of 100. I’m finally realizing that I might be biting off a little more than I can chew with setting that goal, so next year I won’t go so extreme.

There are times I have to sit back and take a look at the goals I give myself. It’s okay to think you’re awesome, but good grief, there’s also being a bit more realistic. I don’t have to set the bar low; I can still challenge myself. But there’s no gold medal for stressing myself out to the max by putting the bar way up there. I need to remember that with the writing, too.

I wish it was Friday. This whole week has felt a little long and I was convinced Tuesday was actually Wednesday, so I have to keep telling myself that today is Thursday and I will be expected to show up for work tomorrow.

Hang in there, girl. The weekend’s almost here.

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