The End

Help, I haven’t written in months.

That was me before November. Every time I sat down, thinking about writing, I’d nearly panic. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t have a plan, and I kept asking myself why I kept trying. I wasn’t a writer anymore. Did I even like it? That question made me sick.

Now I can say that yes, of course I’m still a writer, and yes, of course I like it. Love it even!

NaNoWriMo isn’t a cure. I’m still going to have to battle doubts and panic. And I still won’t know what I’m doing more often than not. But having a month where I wrote¬†every single day¬†did a lot for me. It was a reminder of my capabilities. Some might not say that I achieved that much; a portion of the words did come from writing blog posts every morning, and the rest came from rewrites of an old story. But it was a great start. It got my mind thinking, my imagination working, and it developed a habit in me of sitting down, opening the word document, and not doing anything else online.

YouTube is a wonderful site, but it’s sort of my downfall when I have writer’s block. I didn’t get totally lost clicking on video after video this time.

I know what I have to do to succeed, to finish writing a project, and I know I can do it. I will do it. That’s an important way of phrasing it. While “I think I can” is nice, and “I can” is a little stronger, being able to say “I’m doing it” is the best. I think I can write, I can write, I’m writing. I think I can finish the novel, I can finish the novel, I’m finishing the novel.

While I won’t be doing a daily blog post now that November’s at its end, I’ll be updating my progress here. Not all the time because hopefully I’m going to be busy finishing a completed first draft.

Thanks to all who supported me through this month. My cheerleaders, my teammates, my friends–thank you and love you! This would be so difficult without you.

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