Incoming: 2019

My sister-in-law kept telling me that 2018 was going to be my year. Because I was attempting to live with a more positive/hopeful mindset, I agreed with her. But I can tell you today that she was totally right.

I’ve felt a lot of changes this year. First, I started a new job with a company I’m a lot happier at than the last place. The same day I started, my niece Wrenley was born, making me a happy auntie of two beautiful kids. In May, I went through the temple and received my endowments. I was set up on a date with a guy who, while I first was hesitant to go out with him due to me not having much luck in the past, has become my best friend.

2019 is going to be fabulous, I just know it. If I’ve had so many good things happen this year that have helped me grow and learn, I feel like the next year will only be a continuation of that. I’m getting to know myself better, love myself better, and trust myself more. But I still have so much to do, one day at a time.

Honestly, I haven’t sat down to map out goals for myself for 2019. I need to, but I don’t think goal setting has a designated date of December 31st. Goals should be a year-long thing where they’re constantly being looked at, revised, met, with new ones popping up. But if I were to throw out there a goal I need to work on, that I’ve needed serious help with, it’d be to have better time management and prioritizing.

Tonight I’ll be eating good food and spending time with my loved ones playing games. It’s a night to celebrate the past January through December in all its glory. It’s a night to look forward to the next twelve months.

Stay safe out there tonight and have fun. And look forward to 2019! It’s going to be your year.

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