The Beginning of 2019

Life is never just one thing. It’s not entirely bad, it’s not entirely good. No matter what, we’ll make it through.

A lot of wonderful things are going to happen this year. I can feel it. But something bumpy and painful did just occur a couple days ago. For nearly sixteen years, I’ve been a momma to a dachshund named Diego. He passed away. We were faced with a decision on Monday and chose to put him to sleep. It was so hard and very emotional.

I miss my boy, even if there is some relief now. It’s weird going to bed and not having him there waiting to crawl under the covers with me.

Doggies should live as long as humans. I wish they did. But even with a shorter life span, they do so much good in the world. They bring happiness with such simple behavior and love.

On a brighter note, I will be having my first work anniversary at my job this Friday. I can’t believe I’ll have been working for the bank for a full year! And it’ll also be my niece’s first birthday. Crazy how time flies, especially when I’ve been enjoying the ride! I’m a lucky, blessed girl!

And the lucky and the blessed can still break down and cry sometimes. And those who feel like they’re crying more often than not can still have a reason to smile and laugh.

Regardless of who we are, what situation we’re in, there’s a mix.

Hang in there this 2019. Don’t let the bad days drag you down! And enjoy every moment of the good days. May there be many of them!

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