Pruney Thumb

Notebooks covered my bed. It was terrifying. I always knew that I had a large collection of them, but until I removed them from their various hiding spaces and spread them out on my mattress, I don’t think I realized quite how many I owned.

So I made a commitment. I’d write in a notebook every day. That was a couple days ago and I’ve only managed to do what I promised myself once. Big winner, I am. But not keeping up with it right off the bat doesn’t mean that I can let it go. I just need to collect some determination and get it done.

The one evening I sat at the kitchen table with one large hardback journal, writing down story ideas (using a color system that makes my heart happy), I discovered I had been chewing on my thumb. That’s not totally unusual. I’m a habitual nail biter anyways, but I had forgotten that I don’t really bite my nails when I’m writing by hand. I bite the pad of my thumb. Over and over, just gnawing on it until it feels weird and goes all pruney.


It’s been a long time since I’ve written by hand for an extended time. The pruney thumb thing kinda disturbed me, so I tucked my thumb in my hand and tried to knock it off. But it’s hard when I don’t always pay attention and next thing I know, I’m at it again. No wonder I’m always getting sick. Who knows what germs live all over my nails and fingertips.

But on the plus side, I can’t wait to use my notebooks more! And maybe with enough practice, I’ll make the daily writing in one of them a habit that’s as automatic as the thumb-biting.

Also if I could stop the thumb-biting, I’d be thrilled.


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