Happy Easter

Life update: I’m happy

Eventually everything’s going to slow down a little. It likely won’t happen until after June, and even then there are some things happening at work that will make my world a bit hectic, but at least my personal life will find its rhythm.

Still, despite the busy work of planning wedding, I’m feeling really good. I still struggle with time management and priority-organizing, but I’m having fun, and I’m alongside one of the best guys in the world. I’m a lucky girl to be a member of this team.

It’s Easter Sunday, and I am also so blessed to have the opportunity to live in this life and get chance after chance to try again whenever I fail because of my Savior’s sacrifice for all mankind. I make mistakes, I cause myself problems, I say the wrong things, I don’t do the right things, and my thoughts aren’t always where they need to be. And yet because of a Heavenly Father who is both wise and loving, and because of Jesus Christ’s selflessness and obedience, it’s not game over for me. I can keep going forward, even when I stumble (which believe me, I stumble a lot).

It’s not all sunshine for me, but even on the darkest day, I can still see some rays poking through the storm clouds. I’m the happiest I have ever been, and I owe it first and foremost to my Heavenly Father, who is very aware of me and my heart and desires, even if I struggle to feel that.

I can’t wait to be married to Erik and to start our life together. And I hope for even brighter days ahead.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone.

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