Wrapped in a Fuzzy Blanket

For some reason, I’m usually cold. I get hot sometimes. Usually at night when I randomly wake up to find myself sweating under the sheets and comforter, or when I’m outside during the summer. I’m grateful for air conditioning, but right now it’s a bit too cold for me, and so I’m wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.

I love blankets. I have way too many of them, but then again, there are probably a couple things that I have too many of, like…books for instance. I have so many books. The amount that I own that I haven’t read yet is probably horrific. It could be worse, I tell myself as I’m literally facing my crowded bookcase. Two of the shelves seem to bend a bit in the middle. I bet that’s just a flaw in the wood and not due to the weight the shelves are holding.

Maybe once life settles down a bit, I can start reading like I used to. Not likely, but maybe!

And then I can buy more books and we can feel like we’re living in a library.

Erik and I’ve been married for over two weeks and it’s awesome. One of my favorite things (among many favorites) is being able to drive home after work and he’s there, too. And I love being able to do all sorts of things together. I made him watch season one of Stranger Things because he hadn’t seen it before, and now we’re on season two. Right now I’m on my computer while he’s watching videos on his phone. We made dinner together (taco soup) and washed dishes.

None of this is spectacular, and yet because we’re enjoying ourselves and we’re together, it’s important to me.

He’s my favorite person, and I’m really lucky to have him.

And I’m lucky to have this blanket because it’s cozy, and I’m pretty sleepy. My goal is to go to bed a little earlier tonight, but that’s been my goal for a long time, and I don’t think that I’ve ever succeeded in meeting it.

We shall see! Goodnight!

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