Current Projects


I’m in the rewrite stage for a novel I keep going back to. It’ll be the next one I publish, but the trick is getting it ready. I’ve decided to play with the story line, add a few characters, and hopefully add enough meat that it’ll be successful.



I am going to Grid Zine Fest 2018 in April. While I’m not very talented in the art of making zines (my style is rather simple), I am writing on the back of each zine Yours Truly, Ashton Widdison.

(And for any who have no idea what a zine is, it’s an independently made mini magazine about anything you want.)



Once I had the first part of this story on Wattpad, and I’ve had a few family members mention it since, wishing I would have finished it.



This is another story I’m psyched to do, and I need to finish it! I have it mapped out in my head, but it will require a lot of hard work. It’s a fantasy, and I hope it’s as awesome on paper as I imagine it to be.