Update: Day Twenty-Eight

I was behind for several days, always writing but never getting quite enough words. Sometimes a post to my blog was as much writing as I got done, but it still meets the goal I had set for myself. Last night I managed to hit 45,000 words, officially on par with what the word count needed to be yesterday. Today I need 46,667 if I want to be on track.

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The simplified definition of a writer is this: a person who writes. Easy, right? It isn’t about sales or a spot on a shelf or Goodreads reviews. It isn’t about having a book made into a movie, or people putting out fanart and fanfiction.

Publishing and money and happy readers are all part of turning writing into a career, but it isn’t what makes a person a writer. Those are just extras that could be in store for the person who doesn’t quit.

All a writer needs is a story and some words.

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