Coming to You Live from Barnes and Noble

It’s been a day.

Scratch that. It’s been a week.

You know what? No. It’s been one crazy year thus far. Here I am in August, and I don’t think I’ve ever been busier my entire life.

The good:

Concerts! Oh my goodness, this has been the summer for concerts. And what’s fun is I hardly knew much by the bands I went to see, so my first real experience with them was watching them perform live. But! I also did get to see one of my favorite bands perform, too. Imagine Dragons was amazing! I’ve seen them once before, but they never cease to blow me away.

I’ve met new people. Been going out with someone.

Work is a great place to be. I really like my boss, and it just feels like a positive atmosphere overall.


The bad:

Eh. My dog’s not doing too good. Poor old boy’s on his last leg. Grandma’s doing okay but the cancer still sucks because cancer just SUCKS.

And I’ve loved being busy. It’s been so fun. But I’m tired! I wouldn’t mind having a week off of work just to bum around, catch up on books I need to read (I have over 150 books that I own that I’ve never read and Ashton Rose, that’s too many).

(I mean, you can never have too many books really, but at the same time, that’s too many that I own that I haven’t read. Which is why I’m grounded from buying books. Which I guess could be filed under Bad.)

Work has been a tad insane. We’re short staffed right now in my department, but we’re doing okay. It’s just a little more tiring at the end of the day depending on the goings-on of customers and coworkers.

I haven’t written. While that’s not surprising, it’s very disheartening. I keep telling people, “Well, I used to be a writer.”

I need to quit saying that. I’m a writer still; I just need to remind myself how important it is to me and GET. IT. DONE.

So here I am at Barnes and Noble with my friend Jayna, and I’m going to start seriously thinking about some things in my writing business. (And I’m not buying books. I’m drinking a vanilla bean creme with cinnamon dolce instead).

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it!




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